Pacified By Oceans Of Blood


Making people aware of the plagues of mankind and frightening them into visions of possible futures, Thy Flesh Consumed are the grindcore equivalent of all the current scientists of the world. Pacified By Oceans Of Blood is the third planetary eulogy for TFC, and once again a high level of anti-christian yet non-satanic lyrics help the listener escape into their post-apocalyptic realm. The cover and artwork carries you through the atomic drudgery by showing you what this album feels like – black smoke, charred skeletal remains, disoriented doves and lots of weaponry. It’s also one hell of a blastbeaten piece of metal for those who like something that never ceases to pulverize. Guitars and riffs are ugly and fitting, and Peter Mestre’s vocal bark is so imposing it becomes fixedly euphoric and takes everything away from your mind, leaving you with nothing left to do but soak in the epically foul soundscape.
A great example of the metal that is buried deep in Canada’s far east coast (meaning further than Quebec), TFC are part of the Maritime metal scene that is slowly creeping outside of their small circuit.
RealDeadOne, Unrestrained! 8/10

What a dark and haunting trip into war filled hate and blasphemy. Misanthropic blackened death metal hymns with song titles that read like evil poetry such as "The Relinquishment Of Tyranny To Impose Genocide", "Triumphant Flawless Crucifixion" and "A Pyre To Cast The Body Of Mankind"... Dismal visuals of war and death grace this album of pure unrelenting hate.
Metalbolic Records

Lately I've found myself listening to a lot more metal than I have before, and not just the every-once-in-a-while LP either, but more consistently. It can be everything from obvious acts like Entombed and Slayer to local heroes Corrupt and Tribulation. When I was younger I never really understood all those punk bands that cited more metal than hardcore acts when talking about influences, but has since learned that the two are a lot more connected musically than the younger me realized. Like Thy Flesh Consumed who mix black metal and grindcore primarily, but also add a few hints of hardcore. Intentional or not I don't know but it's still there, mainly through the grindcore elements.
I imagine this band to go down well in several camps, while I also guess that the die-hards of any genre might take a step back. This is more grindcore than most black metal (judging by my limited knowledge) and more black metal that the average grindcore band - hence my thoughts above.
When it comes to the lyrics the band also have their feet in different genres and combine them well. At first glance the lyrics could seem like the "ordinary" metal lyrics about death, destruction, and hell, but I like to believe I can spot quite a lot of social commentary within these lines. Thy Flesh Consumed dislike religion and think mankind would do best in getting extinct - but they also seem to know why they feel this way and don't just line up "cool" words.
I'm not doing summersaults out of excitement here, and I still prefer hardcore over metal, but I do like the ravaging riffs and the manic drumming quite a lot. I wouldn't mind even more of those speedy black metal guitar harmonies to appear in more tracks though, and also for the vocals to be even more evil, but as a whole I don't have too much to complain about. I don't think it's a solid disc throughout all the twelve tracks, but stuff like "Slash Upon God's Throat" and "Definitive Hypocrisy Rising" are solid enough.

Krogh, Attack Fanzine

I expected this stuff for a couple years! I was interested to listen stuff from this Canadian band. And this time I have such chance at last! Well, TFC, as I said above, came from Canada. From the Musical side we have great old-school Brutal Death! The main band udeology is the war themes, so around here we have destruction and exterminations only! Yea, here aren't songs about love and flowers, he-he. Only war and death! 12 tracks including intro and outro, and 39 minutes, similar to military actions, blowing your mind! Catching brutal riffs, hoarse vocals, sick tempo changes, killing drumm parties. As a whole music based on furious catchy riffs, such agressive and killing, containing destructive and merciless power! I have listened 4-5 times this album already, and all what I can to say – I only want to listen to it again and again! Sometimes TFC music have great solos (but not a sugar ones!) also. While listening to this album you are like into “oceans of blod” exactly, ‘coz it's not only main conception, but atmosphere also like spilling the blood. I can't note one bad thing of this band, all music is brutal, catching and honest done!
Also great sound over here, something like wall of sounds falls upon you, and pressing and pressing by it's brutality! Sometimes I found something in the vein of Morbid Angel, Impiety, even by places Behemoth or Assassin touches are here (these aren't comparisons!!! I just wrote names in the vein of Canadians playing, TFC have huge portion of own great ideas!). I personally see THY FLESH CONSUMED in a first lines of Metal War worldwide! Because Music is done with honest attitude and it's also HUGE kick ass to the trendy “sweet” shit! If you are worshipping Music like afore mentioned bands – don't hesitate to get this CD! Hail to THY FLESH CONSUMED! Let's support these Warriorz!

Maksymov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Antichrist Magazine (Ukraine) / Dead Center Productions 5/5

Brutal unholy death metal in the vein of Incantation and old Morbid Angel... this album is not for the timid or newcomers, amazing production and vocals total pro! Great packaging!

Wind, thunder, rain. A bleak and dismal atmosphere at the best of times and it's something that Canada's Thy Flesh Consumed have translated into their work (or Engaging The Shores Of Self-Destruction", as they put it). A minute of slow-paced grind acts as an opening false move; once the raging and seeming barely-controlled death metal attack gets underway, there is little to no respite. Offering a slightly different approach to the norm, Thy Flesh Consumed's guitars are cranked up high in the mix with other instrumentation serving as a backdrop; play 'Seven Churches' at 45 and take out the treble for a rough idea. Peter Mestre's barking vocals are similarly held back in the mix and this tact alongside the resonant atmosphere does allow for a good deal of fatigue-free listenability, although any inference that 'Pacified' is far from brutal is utterly misguided.
The proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove.

Guy Strachan, Terrorizer Magazine UK, March 2008, 7/10

Not bad, but nothing exceptional to diehard death metallers, Thy Flesh Consumed take on Deicide and Malevolent Creation's style of speedy thunderfuck DM with pride but prove they don't know how to think outside the box. Countless contemporary outfits you already own handle this style with more ingenuity, but if you have an insatiable penchant for such Satan-spawn substance, this one will satisfy your need for blastbeats, guttural gang choruses, squealing leads, warbringing antagonism and blatant religion bashing. Goats not included.
Dave Brenner, Metal Maniacs, October 2008

Third album from this war-mongering, religion-bashing, nuts-crushing death/grind band from Canada.

In our last issue you could read our interview with this Canadian band, but here is their new album review. What can I say... the band didn't lose their aggressiveness, more to say, the stuff became more brutal and technical, it is almost what we call "US brutal death metal". But it is no copy of more known bands, in Thy Flesh Consumed's music you can find pieces of originality - first of all there are great melodies. Very good album for every fan of this style.
Igor, Terroraiser Magazine, Ukraine

Thy Flesh Consumed, a Canadian metal beast is ready to unleash another deadly attack towards all Christians. The album is entitled Pacified by Oceans of Blood and it contains twelve tracks of a mixture of black metal, death metal and grindcore. In addition to this there are also a few hints of hardcore and speed metal, well maybe not speed metal in its pure form, but rather a speedy black metal guitars harmonies. The lyrics are somehow ordinary dealing with typical extreme metal these such death, destruction, anti- Christianity, hell, social issues and everything in-between. It is very obvious that these guys dislike religion in any form and with titles like “Slash Upon God’s Throat” and “Kneel Before No One” you know that you’re getting direct, true and honest opinion from this band.
Musically speaking there’re plenty of catchy and brutal riffs, numerous drum blast beats and deep, guttural and raging vocals like coming from deepest hell. Also sick and extremely fast tempo changes exemplified the whole atmosphere surrounding this album. It is fast as rabbit-fuck with 12 tracks placed on only 39 minutes. When this has been said, I feel an urge to say that this album, apart from being brutal and aggressive also contains many technical parts that will please any fan of Swedish and Scandinavian death metal.
Sound is not plished but it is clear enough so you can sit and enjoy each of the tracks. Cover artwork on the other hand is exactly what you would expect from this kind of metal bands – dark and anti-religious.
If you like bands such Morbid Angel, Impiety, Incantation, Behemoth and such this is a perfect choice for you. My eternal hails to Thy Flesh Consumed for releasing one of the best extreme metal albums this year.

Bato, Metal-Revolution, Denmark, 2008

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