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Thy Flesh Consumed is a Canadian based grinding metal/crust band taking influence from angst filled, growling grindcore thrash insanity and pairing it with dark, Scandinavian type black metal. The band was formed back in 2001 and has already released three full-length albums, with fourth on its way. Not only did I enjoyed listening to some of their music, but it was also a pleasure talking to Peter (vocals) & Gerald (Drums) about the past, present and the future as well as their views on some political and religious things going around.

MR: Hey Peter & the rest of the guys from Thy Flesh Consumed. Please introduce your mighty band for our Danish and wider European audience.

Peter: We are the most violent hybrid of grindcore, black and death metal you'll ever hear, hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Seven years of desecration and we continue our conquest, annihilating religion and other nuisances plaguing this world. Gerald Smith (Existench, Gorbage, System Shit, Sloth, Useless Solution, Ill-Logic, Disabuse) is on drums, Dan Jamieson (Wohedness, Despot, Sloth) and Dave Burns (Gorged, Burning Moon) are on guitars, Ross Vickers (Terratomb, Maelstrom) on bass and myself, Peter Mestre, on all vocal duties.

MR: What's your discography so far? I know you've just had a review of your Pacified by Oceans of Blood demo in the mighty Metal Maniacs magazine. Are you pleased with the attention your band is getting?

Peter: [Note - Pacified By Oceans Of Blood is not a demo. Metal Maniacs are confused.] The first wave of our militaristic sonic assault was titled Dawn of the Impurity Design. Raw, untamed and erratic, the debut album of only 200 copies set the stage for nasty things to come. Our second album, End of blind Obedience, focusing on the incessant grinding styles from earlier songs ("Cessation and Purulence", "Dawn of the Impurity Design" and "The Beauty In Ritualistic Torture") and outside influences, shows the direction we began to steamroll toward with our noisy and massive songs. An 'epic' vibe haunts tracks throughout the album, as we were striving to knockout the listener with just one song. Our third and latest album Pacified by Oceans of Blood is pulverising from start to finish. We really don't know when to quit! One hundred percent grind, groove and noise. Everything from the riffs, to the artwork and lyrics became darker than ever. Our co-producer Gord and I worked on creating a constant feeling of war and hate for the album with dark and scathing sounds that solidify the dismal atmosphere.
Metal Maniacs gave the latest disc a review, not bad, but they could have reviewed a little better and notice that it was released on a label and that it shouldn't have been in Firing Squad. Any exposure is great though. (Don't worry MM! I have a subscription and still enjoy the read, regardless of numbskull oversights! No really, the word 'Goat' is in our review so that means its gold.) We appreciate all attention the band receives, negative and positive. Either way, we will forever grind against religious faith until it is mere dust.

MR: I also know that you're in the process of recording a new album. Can you reveal any more details on this? The title will be Unrepentant?!

Peter: Unrepentant is going to be massive. Unrepentant is essentially, the ultimate anti-religion, anti-faith album, festering with abhorrence. I personally feel these songs and the new recording are going to eclipse the craters we left with the last albums, and successfully decimate your eardrums. We worked really hard (meaning, fought a lot about where the riffs go!) on the new material. In the past our songs were written by one, maybe two people, now most of the songs have ideas from every one of us. It is working out really well. We initially planned on entering the studio with twelve new songs. Our focus has turned to nine of the twelve. We will be entering the studio very soon. We will not take over a year to get this one done; we all want the recording wrapped up in a little packaged come early 2009.

MR: What are some of the tracks off Pacified by Oceans of Blood that you are most proud of?

Peter: "Slash Upon God's Throat" of course. Gerald wrote the vicious song and Dave created the title, and what a title it is. I wish I could come up with something half as good as that one! "The Relinquishment Of Tyranny To Impose Genocide", "Triumphant Flawless Crucifixion" and "Effortless Is Man's Defeat" are tracks I really get into at live shows.

Gerald: I love busting out "The Archetype Of All Religions Defiled", "Kneel Before No One" and "Effortless..." live. I find them to be the craziest songs... People really go berserk in the audience!

MR: Elaborate on the album cover.

Peter: The cover is the 'trigger of the machinegun' to the lyrics. I worked hard at creating a visual theme equally has violent and hateful as the lyric topics throughout the album, from aggression, anti-religion, socio-political, greed, murder, to the current war on terror, and death.

MR: What about the lyrics to Pacified by Oceans of Blood?

Peter: Gerald created the title Pacified By Oceans Of Blood. I took inspiration from such a heavy and engrossing title while writing the lyrics.

Gerald: As a band we leave most of the lyrics to Pete. He has a similar negative view of government and religion as we do and he's the one who has to scream them! I like coming up with the over the top song titles, like "The Archetype Of All Religions Defiled" and "The Relinquishment Of Tyranny To Impose Genocide". I want people read the title and say "Holy Shit!". I did, however, want to write some thoughts I have on warring nations, especially countries or factions that have been at war for some time, in particular Israelis and Palestinians. These lyrics became "Vengeful Symbiosis".

MR: Where and when did you record and mix this release?

Peter: The recording was done in a few places. Due to a limited budget, the drums were recorded in one day at Archive Mastering. The rest of the album was recorded by Gord Ash at Cromagnon, his home studio. Gord moved during the mixing process so the whole album was done in three different places. Unfortunately do to several terrible circumstances; the whole process was stretched over a gruelling year. We'll never let that happen again.

MR: Will you utilize any new or different recording techniques this time around for Unrepentant?

Peter: The new recording is taking place in a world class studio by Andrew Watt (who wasn't born yesterday!) and he is very excited about our diabolically fast songs and their final outcome. We are floored with Andrews' skill and ideas. He is our supreme 'different recording technique'.

Gerald: I worked with Andrew years ago recording an old band of mine, Gorbage. I played guitar back then but I'm sure he'll do wonders with my drum sound. Andrew's great to work with; lots of ideas, energy, enthusiasm and a good ear, very professional. New techniques? Well, I've spoken at length with Andrew and there will be a click track used on this recording, something I've never done. There's also talk of triggers, but we'll have to see. I'd like the drums to sound as natural as possible.

MR: Ultimately, is the process collaborative? Are you Peter the primary songwriter, or does everybody have an equal say?

Peter: As I mentioned earlier, it is more collaborative now than during previous years. Gerald, Dan and Dave were the main songwriters for the first three albums. Ross entered the band when most of Pacified was written. With one or two riffs on End, my riff contributions really began on Pacified and I have written a lot on Unrepentant. If we're to discuss quality and quantity, Dave writes at least half of our material. He is the evil riff machine.

MR: Are you active playing live? Is there room for any improvisation when you play live?

Peter: We play live, and then drink a lot. We aim to bludgeon our fans equal to or greater than our recordings, we enjoy the challenge of perform our songs perfectly every time.

Gerald: I love beer! However, I play completely sober. If I have a toke, for instance, I'd end up trying different things behind the kit, like rolls and fills I don't normally do. This tends to fuck everyone up! I find it better to play alcohol and drug free and I expect my band mates to do the same. After a show is when we pacify ourselves with oceans of beer!

MR: Are you in search of a record deal or are you pleased the way things are now?

Gerald: Craig of CDN Records ( has been awesome. He's put out two of our albums, hooked us up with shows in Ontario, made t-shirts and hoodies for us, distributes our stuff worldwide, runs advertisement for us, etc. CDN is a Canadian indie label, which suits us for now but we're always open to offers from other labels, and Craig has always been supportive of that.

Peter: We will talk to any serious labels regarding the new album...

MR: Have your goals as a band changed at all since day one?

Peter: No. We have always been serious about writing music that is enthralling and persistently fast and dark. We need to grind or we'll begin suffering from withdrawal. It controls us.

Gerald: Well, now. I hate to disagree with Pete but... when we first started one of our main goals was playing a song all the way through! We were pretty rough around the edges to say the least. As old band members left new ones took their place and we started writing faster, more complex songs. I don't think any of us thought we would still be a band today, back in 2001. Other than that, I guess we're still the same maniacs.

Peter: (Laughing) Start to finish. Yeah I forgot about those days! These days it's a race to the finish!

MR: I think I have no more relevant questions so I'll let you say the last words to our readers.

Peter: Mighty thanks to you Bato for the interview and CD review and to everyone who has and continues to support our fiendish ways. Check out or warsite and pick up a t-shirt. Also, do yourself a favour and go to right now. CDN Records offers the lowest prices on Death/Black/Gore/Grind/Doom/Metal CDs period! Try to prove me wrong! You cannot beat the "Buy 5 Get 2 Free Deal"!

We are Unrepentant! We are Thy Flesh Consumed!

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