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Thy Flesh Consumed is a band which needs very little introduction in Canada’s extreme metal circles. While the praise is still building for their last release ‘Pacified by Oceans of Blood’ the boys have now returned into the studio to begin recording what will be one of 2009’s most anticipated album ‘Unrepentant’.

HORNS HIGH: Thy Flesh Consumed is a band which has built an established name in extreme metal circle’s well outside of the Maritimes… What do you attribute this recognition to? The Music? The hard working ethic of the band? Being backed by CDN Records? Or something else?

Ross: Before I joined the band I would look at the Thy Flesh Consumed work ethic and was very impressed. They released an album, then toured, released a second album, then toured, I mean that's what bands are supposed to do, and it’s just that none of the Maritime metal bands were doing that at that time except for Existench. I think the band's take on metal in general is pretty refreshing. I break it down to grindcore drums, black metal riffs, and death metal cackles and banshee screams. It's an interesting mix. The work ethic and sound of the band were the two reasons for my interest in joining.

Peter: We have done a great job of not pigeonholing ourselves in just one style of metal. The mix of death and black metal with grind continues to get more solid, more intense than before. With each release, executing promotion becomes more natural. You’ve taken those steps before, it’s easier. You have to keep your head up and at all times, looking for new avenues to spread the music. Operating and maintaining the website has always been priority to me outside of writing and performing music, making sure there are all kinds of goodies for people who want more than the CD. Craig at CDN Records makes our albums available worldwide.

HH: The new album is titled ‘Unrepentant’ and will focus on the theme of detestation towards traditional belief systems such as ‘faith’ or ‘abuses of power’ it is clear that there is a lot of thought put into the message. How important is the message in your song writing and do you feel the message sometimes gets overlooked by the sheer aggression of the music?

Ross: Both are equally important, but to a first time listener we have to knock them on their ass musically or they are not going to delve deeper into the lyrics/message. So we reel them in with the riffs and Pete scares the shit out of them with messages of heresy and despair.

Peter: Religious extremists aren’t going to run down to the local record shop and pick up their pre-ordered copy of Unrepentant so they can muddle over our sacrilegious ways... or will they? I hope so!
Lyrically, the attack with this album is different. It’s not ‘fuck you god!’ for the sake of it. I really strived to bring to light atrocities religions are responsible for, bring to light how narrow minded, how intolerant to criticism people of all faiths are. How men of faith have dealt and continue to deal with ‘evil men’ through truly tremendous, diabolical processes. The Coles notes album title should be something like ‘The destructive hypocrisy of man’ or, ‘Religion is primitive, contrived and an absolute waste of energy’ or better yet, ‘Shut your fucking mouth, open your fucking eyes’. Any means of propelling this kind of message is important, including extreme metal.

HH: Musically, what can fans look forward too on the new album? How will it be similar and/or different from the previous effort, ‘Pacified by Oceans of Blood’?

Ross: It's hard to be objective sometimes but we are trying to become better songwriters. Some of the songs on "Unrepentant" are more technical than "Pacified" but some of them are not. I was always pushing for groove orientated riffs mixed with blasting madness while writing these songs and luckily my band mates were in the same head space. To me, blasting all the time is useless without a reference point (i.e. a break down, a sludgy riff, etc) There is a song on "Unrepentant" that I wrote that has some riffs that are somewhat different for TFC and I wasn't sure what the guys were gonna think about it. But when our drummer Gerald got his mitts on the song he gave it the ol' Thy Flesh Consumed treatment and it worked out good.

Peter: The new material is structured really well. We don’t overdue anything on it. All the songs have their own unique riffs in them, and they are all going to bulldoze you into the earth, period. Some of our older material is essentially guided by a blast beat from start to finish, and the new album is full of grinding (Don’t get me wrong! I’m a blast beat fanatic!!), but as Ross mentioned earlier, you need those slower, groovier parts to make the fast riffs sound fast. The riffs are going to stick in your head; you’ll be humming them while you buy your groceries.
We just did some preproduction to hear what can be done at Common Ground studios and it’s overwhelming. Unrepentant is going to tear your face off. Sorry if you were planning on keeping it.

HH: Depending on who you ask, some will say the east coast metal seen has never been better (Shows like Thrashfest, bands touring across Canada etc…), others will testify it has never been worse (closing venues, worse conditions for performing bands etc…), Where does Thy Flesh stand on the debate?

Ross: For myself, I think the world is not going come to Halifax. We have to bring it to them. We have been doing it a bit with good distribution and some touring, but our bands need to do more and some of them are. Thy Flesh Consumed intends to step it up a bit with the release of "Unrepentant". Our scene in Halifax is not going get much better. Hopefully I'm wrong, but it’s such a trek for ‘out of town’ bands to come here and sometimes it's not worth it. We have been very lucky to see some of the high quality bands come here and we can't take it for granted. I include myself too because I don't go to every show around here.

Peter: It seems to me there is a bit of both worlds going on. The venues are very limited these days, but am I crazy to believe there is always a good show around the corner? I mainly focus on the attendance issues, and it’s attendance for all local talent and ‘out of town’ bands. People seem to prefer the comforts of home better than going to support ‘their’ music scene. Come on people! The TV and couch are still going to be there when you get home! Get off your arse!
Back to the venue topic, I will forever be pissed off that The Attic closed. I don’t care about the dumb security guard issues, that place was great for sound and atmosphere.

HH: In addition to the new album, give us some insight on what the upcoming year holds for Thy Flesh Consumed?

Ross: Well, we are going promo the shit out of "Unrepentant" more than we have for previous albums in the past. Touring is hard financially but it must be done. We have ideas about touring (when and where) but still too early to say.

Peter: Unrepentant will be our first release with a multimedia section on the CD. The Enhanced disc will feature our first music video, and suitably of the dark and haunting track ‘Sacrilege and Clarity’. This is as blasphemous as it gets, and we have a lot of great people onboard to make it a sick reality. An interview with Gerald and I is scheduled for a television series that will be featured on Vision TV, yeah that’s right, the multi-faith and multicultural broadcaster. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a limited edition of Unrepentant... that’s all you get for now.

HH: Any other comments, words of advice, or general randomness to share with the readers of Horns High?

Peter: Support Thy Flesh Consumed and pick up a t-shirt from our website.
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